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“Maximizing our client’s recovery of accounts receivable…”

Cash-Pro, Inc.’s industry-leading performance results from a blend of structured and integrated processes, state-of-the-art technology, and trained, experienced, and motivated people.


Ultimately it is the skilled, experienced, and motivated collection and administrative personnel that form the core of Cash-Pro, Inc., Inc. Ongoing training, industry standard certification, and rewarding innovation are what enable the Cash-Pro, Inc. team to provide service and performance second to none. The use of our PRC (Professionalism, Resolution, and Commitment) process allows us to understand the problem facing consumer’s ability to pay their bill, solve the problem and then gain commitment to resolve the issue. All of this is done in a dignified and courteous manner.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Manager audits recorded collection calls and accounts for compliance and proper collection and telephone techniques. These accounts are scored and the results are tracked. Monthly Call Calibration meetings provide feedback and targeted training for our collectors.

Integrated Processes

The collection process is started the moment an account is entered into our system. Each account is analyzed and demographic information is verified before the first letter is sent. In-house insurance processing, location services, electronic credit bureau updates, dispute resolution, and professionally trained collectors provide both collection results and customer service.

In-House Legal Department

Our legal team tracks account status and performance while our attorney network provides full legal services. Cash-Pro, Inc. utilizes attorneys in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois as well as an extended nationwide attorney network, enabling us to provide full legal services for our clients.


DAKCS ™ is the industry leader in collection and recovery software. This comprehensive collection system takes our client’s placements from the data entry stage through the entire collection process. DAKCS™ provides intelligent collector route management, account treatments, bureau reporting, on-line access, scoring, and many other features that ensure a highly automated and intelligent approach to account management.