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Retail/Commercial Services

As a retailer or business owner it is critical to maximize your cash flow while maintaining a positive relationship with your customer even if their account is delinquent. Cash-Pro, Inc. has been performing retail and commercial recovery services since 1992. Our ACA-certified collectors specialize in handling a variety of commercial and retail debt and Cash-Pro, Inc.’s Professionalism, Resolution and Commitment (PRC) collection process takes a positive approach that maximizes recovery while maintaining a positive relationship with your customers.

Cash-Pro, Inc. is a full service debt collection business that utilizes leading-edge technology and extensive training to provide an assortment of solutions for your business including; credit reporting, location services, legal solutions, and 24/7 web payment portal.

At Cash-Pro, Inc., we understand that in the current economic environment, it’s more important than ever to make each dollar count. Our mission of performance, security and service will ensure maximizing your recovery while treating your consumers with absolute dignity and respect.

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