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Accounts receivable and debt collection solutions

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Located in Evansville, Indiana, Cash-Pro, Inc. has been providing accounts receivable and debt collection solutions for the Medical, Financial, Commercial, and Retail industries for over 27 years.

At Cash-Pro, Inc. our mission is to increase the profitability of our clients through our ethical and innovative approaches to collect accounts receivable. In pursuit of this mission we are committed to Performance, Security and Service.

Maximizing our client's recovery of accounts receivables...
Cash-Pro, Inc. produces industry-leading performance results from a blend of structured and integrated processes, state-of-the-art technology, and trained, experienced and motivated people that maximizes our clients’ recovery of accounts receivables.
Adhering to the highest standards of compliance, integrity and professional ethics...
Our business is security and compliance tested and audited on a regular basis. Data security, employee training, encryption, background checks and an active compliance program help ensure compliance and protect our clients reputation.
Our goal is to exceed our client's expectation of service...
Our Client Specialists are fast, responsive and courteous. At Cash-Pro, Inc. we believe in more than a vendor-client relationship. We believe in building lasting strategic partnerships based on Performance Security and Service.

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Since 1992 Cash-Pro, Inc. has been providing medical recovery services to many types of medical providers including Hospitals, Physician Groups, Clinics, Dentists and more.
As a retailer or business owner it is critical to maximize your cash flow while maintaining a positive relationship with your customer.
Our Financial Department is staffed by ACA Certified Collectors who specialize in overdraft fee and loan recovery.